3D Brick Pattern Paint Roller
3D Brick Pattern Paint Roller
3D Brick Pattern Paint Roller

3D Brick Pattern Paint Roller

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If you're thinking of redoing your boring walls, you might want to try out something new! Out with the wallpapers, or one color painting. Try this patterned paint roller instead to add a touch of creativity and uniqueness to your wall! This brick pattern paint roller is a brush made of plastic, metal, and rubber that will make your walls have a unique brick pattern.


  • The brick paint roller size is 7 inches across with embossing that creates the pattern. Just dip it in your paint and roll it along your wall to create a perfect brick-like pattern. Rollers like this one make it easy to create unique patterns that will make any room stand out.
  • Not only can you use these unique patterned rollers to use with paint, but you can also use them to stamp your concrete walls. Just lay a thin slab of concrete onto your wall, apply some non-stick coating to the roller, then just roll the brick patterned roller across the concrete to give your wall a unique 3D brick pattern.
  • This 3D brick pattern paint roller is a great way to DIY your room's walls at a fraction of the cost compared to other expensive options. You just need some paint, the roller of your choice and a little bit of work. When you're done, your walls are going to look amazing and extremely unique and different from what you'll normally see.

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